Devon + Lang Non-Medical Mask w/Removable Nose Piece - 5 pack

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Construction: 2-layer
Outer Layer: Silver-Infused Modal
Mid Layer: Silver-Infused Modal 
Inner Layer: Silver-Infused Modal 
Ear Loops: Fixed
Fabric Score: F70 / B4

Premium Features:

  • 2-Layer Non-Medical Mask 
  • Replaceable Wire Nose Piece
  • 3 Sizes to Create a Perfect Fit
  • Made from Silver-Infused Anti-Odorizing Modal
  • Breathable, Lightweight, and Soft to the Touch
  • Please note that this mask does not include a nose wire. 
  • Optional mask insert. *Please note mask were tested without the mask insert

Each 3 Pack contains one Obsidian Black, Heather Grey, and Opal Blue Face Mask

Devon + Lang Face Masks are made from silver infused premium modal with a filter pocket to hold the included PM2.5 filters.

With a focus on comfort, you will be able to breathe easily in your mask all day without wanting to take it off.

In fact, you might even forget you're wearing it at all.