Mission Statement

Sourcing the best non-medical masks: Our mission

Our mission at Lab Tested Masks is to create a marketplace for mask vendors whose products have been subjected to standardized testing. Working with a recognized independent leading Canadian research laboratory in the area of fluid mechanics and spray systems (Coanda R&D Corp.), we have developed a method to allow any mask to be tested for two important criteria, filtering effectiveness and breathability.

Everyone has unique needs for a mask. While filterability is a key attribute of a mask, the higher the degree of filtering, the harder it is to breathe through. Until now, there was no way for someone to be able to understand how a non-medical mask performs, but with the aid of the LabTestedMasks.com Filtration and Breathability scores, individuals can now select masks based on the performance attributes they value. This allows people with breathing difficulties to make a more informed selection. 

The Coanda team brought together Scientists and Engineers to design a fit-for-purpose apparatus for testing a mask’s fabric. The equipment produces clear and repeatable results and incorporates the latest measurement technology. The evolving regulations related to non-medical masks have also been considered (such as this European guideline). In addition, to help the consumer easily digest the technical data, Coanda has developed a grading system based upon the test results, rating filtration effectiveness and breathability on a scale of 1 to 5.

Our focus is transparency. The test process developed is openly available for review. Details can be found on our Testing Methodology page. When you see a LabTestedMasks.com rating, you can be confident in the result.

Our portal provides a one-stop shopping experience for consumers to access non-medical masks that have met a common standard. Testing results are readily transparent, giving you, the consumer, a scientific basis through which to assess the performance of the fabric used to construct a mask.