How it works

Testing for all

All vendors must subject their masks to our standardized testing protocol before we will sell it.

The testing is carried out by an independent laboratory, Coanda Research & Development Corp. at their facility in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

Mask manufacturers send 5 of each mask (to ensure consistency) they want to have tested directly to Coanda.

Standardized testing

Coanda tests each of those 5 masks and grades the fabric construction for filtration efficiency and breathability. You can read more about this on our ratings and testing methodology pages

The test results of each mask are fully transparent to the consumer and can be found on each product page. 

Even after approving a vendor, we monitor quality several times throughout the year through random testing to ensure masks still score the same.  If performance issues are noted, sales of the product are halted until the problems are rectified by the vendor.