LabTestedMasks.com: Enabling consumers to make an informed choice.

There are enough challenges in dealing with COVID19 without having for worry about the quality of your non-medical masks. 

Let us eliminate the guesswork for you. 

We have partnered with an independent research laboratory Coanda, to test the performance of non-medical face masks. The advantage of going with an independent laboratory, especially one as long established and recognized as Coanda, is that they bring transparency and accountability to the testing process.

Every single mask on the site has been tested with the Coanda method.  Coanda is committed to keeping this test meaningful and current, and will incorporate new guidance and learnings as they become available.

How it works

All vendors must subject their masks to our standardized testing protocol before we will sell it. 

These results are fully transparent to the consumer. 

Even after approving a vendor, we monitor quality several times throughout the year through random testing.  If performance issues are noted, sales of the product are halted until the problems are rectified by the company

Transparency matters

At LabTestedMasks, we place the utmost value on transparency.

This is why we make our test procedure available for review and publish the scores of each mask we test and assign grades to be sold via our website.

Our current scoring grades for can be found on the testing protocol page.